How to customize perfect packaging for your food business?

An epidemic sweeping the world has allowed the online takeaway business to flourish, and meanwhile, we have also seen the huge development potential of the catering industry. With the rapid development, packaging has become a vital factor for many brands to increase their visibility and market share in catering industry. Then how to customize the perfect packaging for your food business? As a professional supplier and direct factory, Maibao’s willing to provide you with some practical tips about Food Packaging Customization.


1. Know your business: perfect food packaging must suit your foods & beverage with good function. It's essential to make a brief but clear introduction about your business to the supplier at first step. Just take a simple example, packaging for takeaway and dine-in are quite different from style, size and material. It would also helps us as a supplier to understand your need more efficiently. 

2. Pick your Packaging type: after knowing your business, usually the supplier would provide you with packaging type options for you to choose. And we will also confirm the size of the packaging you picked. Moreover, we will inform you the MOQ(minimum order quantity) of each packaging type, you need to confirm the quantity you need to make as well. At this stage, we got a practical tips for you: ask the supplier for cases of other brands that in same or similar business as yours. Believe it or not, you will get more inspiration about the packaging for your brand.

3. Design your packaging: in the third step, we will work together with you to create beautiful design and printing content that is quite different from the plain packaging. Show us your brand logo and try to describe what kind of packaging design to need. We have a professional design team that have rich experience working with Global Top 500 Brands. Talk with them and believe that they can meet your requirement for design. Of course if you’ve already got the design of packaging, just send us for quotation calculation.

4. Get quotation for the packaging: In previous steps, we confirm the packaging type with size and printing design on it. Now you just need to take a coffee and wait for our team to calculate the detail quotation for you. In addition, we will also check the lead time for you.

5. Negotiate the proposal and confirm: after receiving our quotation, we will negotiate and confirm the order. Meanwhile, we will also get our production team into conference to answer any questions you have about packaging production. We promise to figure out all your doubt about the order.

6. Pay deposit and confirm the lay-out design: if you are satisfied with our proposal, then we can move to the payment step, we need you to get the payment of deposit done. And then our design team will make lay-out design of all packaging for production and confirm with you. After your confirmation, we will move to mass production part.

After above process, our team help you finish the rest part of order: finish production, samples checking/inspection, pay balance and arrange the shipping to your address.

Maibao is a leading supplier and manufacturer of custom packaging solutions since 1993 in China. You will enjoy professional service with competitive ex-factory price and get high quality packaging with your beautiful design printed. If you still have any question about the process of packaging customization, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Post time: Feb-19-2024