Application of kraft paper in oil-proof paper bags


At present, the whole food industry's requirements for the quality of oil-proof paper bags are on the rise, which requires manufacturers to re-examine how to bring products to market in order to improve the competitiveness of products from other perspectives. In addition, consumers have higher requirements for the taste, appearance and packaging of food, they are no longer willing to accept fast food restaurants in waxed paper wrapped hamburgers, but the fine printing of kraft paper greaseproof paper bag products.

Compared with the past, the current food oil-proof paper bag carries more market information, such as a simple icon with a representative image, and a complex content containing a variety of promotional information, which fully indicates that the oil-proof paper bag has a new use and is no longer just used to protect food.

In order to meet the market's new demand for oil-proof paper bags, the catering industry chooses coated kraft paper as the mainstream food paper bags. Compared with bleached white paper, coated kraft paper has many unique advantages. For the packaging of traditional snacks, such as Roujiamo, pancakes, etc., the natural brown color of kraft paper makes the oil-proof paper bag look warm and nostalgic. Wooden decoration as the main body, with a rural atmosphere of steakhouse, takeaway food packaging with kraft paper greaseproof paper bag, even if not in the restaurant dining can feel the style of the restaurant. The unique appearance of kraft paper alone is also more prominent than the overall white packaging.

Oil-proof paper bags for food should follow the principle of convenience and portability, and the tensile resistance of coated kraft paper makes it very suitable for the needs of paper bags. In order to prevent the bag from being broken when the consumer carries the takeaway food, the paper bag material requires good tensile strength. From this point of view, coated kraft paper is more suitable than other paper.

Post time: Mar-18-2024